Week 1 (Sept. 1)

Class Activities on Thursday, Sept. 1

  • Present research Topics
  • Tech Overview

Come to class ready to share your research topic and some questions that you might want to try to answer through mapping. Be prepared to stay the whole time since this class only meets once a week. During class, we will go do a general technology overview. I will introduce reclaim hosting where you will host your site on which you will submit all your assignments and ultimately embed your final project, an ESRI StoryMap. We will go over how to install WordPress on your new site. WordPress is an open-source program that makes creating a website and blogs very easy. I will go over how to download QGIS to your computer. QGIS will act as the primary means by which you will produce maps for this class. We will go over logging into ArcGIS Online (another mapping resource) and ESRI StoryMaps. Finally, we will discuss Zotero, where you will have access to all the readings for this course, along with other materials. This is a lot of information, but do not fret. It will all become pretty simple.

Homework Due Monday, Sept. 5 (11:59 pm)

Download QGIS, create a reclaim hosting account, set up a WordPress blog, and make the first blog entry discussing your topic with four questions you hope to answer. Also, discuss the process of setting up accounts. What specifically was easy or difficult? Post a screenshot of active QGIS (or error messages if it fails) to the blog post.

Links to Downloads

Support Videos

Setup Reclaim Hosting Video
Install WordPress into Reclaim Hosting
Download QGIS