Week 9 (Oct. 27)

Class Activities on Thursday, Oct. 27

Discuss Knowles, “The Contested Nature of Historical GIS” (See Zotero or Canvas)

OCR and Geocoding

Bring to class a sample of written text related to your project. If it comes from a book, bring a scanned page or take a photo of the page on your phone. Have this file accessible on your computer for class.

Check out Susan Grunewald’s tutorial on geocoding with services and Google Maps.

We will go over it in greater detail during class.

Homework Due Monday, Oct. 31

Locate and map the ten places from your gazetteer from last week, places of different geometries that are relevant to your project, along with a basic gazetteer of the mapped places.

Post on site no more than 300 words about why these 10 places are significant to your project. Upload a screenshot of the GIS.