Week 5 (Sept. 29) in Library

Meet in Digital Scholarship Lab in the Library with Dr. Michev on Thursday, Sept. 29.

Bring a historical map that relates to your project to class in the Digital Scholarship lab. Dr. Michev will show you how to georeference a map, attaching (and stretching it if necessary) to coordinates on the map.

Then, we discuss Gregory and Ell, “Using GIS to Visualize Historical Data” (on Zotero). And finally, we will discuss theses and how to write good ones based on the two websites.

Homework Due Monday, October 3.

– Georeference a map of some relevance to your project. Trace at least five points/lines/polygons from that map and add the project file you started with the three shapefiles. Post a discussion of the process to your site along with screenshots.

Homework alternative:

If you would prefer to do homework at home and not at the library in ArcGIS, you can sign up for MapWarper to georeference a map and then use this tutorial to digitize map features with QGIS.

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