Week 6 (October 6) in Library

Meet in the Digital Scholarship Lab in the Library with Dr. Michev.

Come to class with some images related to your project and a rough draft or in-depth outline of your essay.

Homework due Monday (Oct. 10)

Begin inputting your work into a StoryMap. Not much writing is needed at this point in time. Think of it as outlining the StoryMap.

Blog about the process of uploading your data and narrative into StoryMaps. Embed your StoryMap into the blog.

Be ready to present what you have on Thursday (10/13).

Example StoryMap to Peruse

Nathan Marvin, “Enslaved by the Church, Sold for the Republic,” (https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/68ea1822adba48acadb2848f40b29048)

Support Videos

Adding Maps to StoryMaps
Introduction to StoryMaps