Week 11 (Nov. 10)

Class Activities on Thursday, Nov. 10

Discuss “Many Ways to Map Election Results” (the Zotero link works better without the paywall) along with Selections from Monmonier & Stephen How to Lie with Maps (on Zotero and Canvas).

We will also go over the use of Tableau Public for data visualizations that can be embedded in your StoryMap

Homework Due Monday, Nov. 14 (11:59 pm)

Map your data (so far) in ArcGIS online using two of the different techniques we discussed – one that you believe accurately depicts your data and one that you feel misrepresents the facts. With the same data, produce a Tableau visualization. Write a brief (500 words) explanation and post text with screenshots (and embed the Tableau Visualization) of the different types of maps to your WordPress site.

Support Videos on Tableau

Basics of Tableau
Embedding your visualization