Week 8 (Oct. 20)

Class Activities on Thursday, Oct. 20

Bring your problems to class day

Go over Choropleth maps

and Heat Maps

Discuss GIS/Data Modeling problems that are arising with you project and resolve them as a class.

Homework due Monday, Oct. 24 (11:59 pm)

Make a choropleth or heat map in QGIS or ArcGIS Online using the project file you’ve been working on. If you do not have statistics to include in relation to your places, think of a yes/no question to encode and map in a choropleth fashion.

Use the same data to create a Tableau Visualization.

Post a discussion of the process with screenshots of the map and embed the Tableau Visualization as a blog on your site.

Video Help

Joining in QGIS (a refresher)
Basic Chloropleth Map in QGIS
Heatmap in QGIS
ArcGIS Online Basics and Chloropleth Maps