Week 10 (Nov. 3) Meet Advisor

Meet with Advisor during Week

Bring revised abstract, outline, and StoryMap to discuss with your advisor.

Show advisor some of the mapping work.

Homework Due Monday, Nov. 7

Produce a 1,000-word draft for your final project on your WordPress Site

  • This is like a regular history essay. It should start with an introduction that outlines some of your research questions and your hypothesis so far. This hypothesis should relate to your mapping/spatial analysis.
  • Write some of the historical background for your project as well. How does your project fit into existing scholarship on your topic? Are you the first person to map this aspect of it? What is new and noteworthy in your research? How are you either supporting the claims of other historians or refuting what they have found so far? Is your mapping work filling a gap in the scholarship?
  • Try to have at least two paragraphs that will each discuss one potential map series. Include screenshots of your maps so far. Upload PDF in your blog post and email to your advisor.